Hello everyone!  Welcome to my study abroad blog!  So if you’ve reached this site then I’m sure you’re already aware that I will be studying abroad in Vienna, Austria this fall semester!  I’m unbelievably excited, and it’s really hard to believe that in…5 days(!) my plane will land on Austrian soil.

I’ve been slowly preparing for this trip for much of the summer. I’ve bought the necessary essentials for a trip-of-a-lifetime like this one: a new camera (a Canon Powershot, of course!), a midi keyboard so I can keep my composition chops up while I’m over in Vienna, and some resources to help me learn German (although the success of this endeavor is debatable, whoops!)  Hopefully there will be enough English speaking going on in Vienna for me to get by, haha.

I’ve also been preparing audition material for my musical studies once I reach Vienna!  Since there won’t be enough music students to form large ensembles, our major ensemble focus for the semester is in chamber ensemble work.  Although I’ll miss playing in large ensembles, it will definitely be nice to be able to focus on playing with a smaller group, which I haven’t been able to do much at IU so far!

So…I’d like to wish everyone a fond farewell for the next four months!  There are a lot of people I’m going to miss a ton while abroad, but thankfully that’s what the internet is for!  Unfortunately, my phone will be shut off while abroad, so I encourage everyone to follow my blog/keep in touch via facebook/skype!  And for those of you who continue to follow my blog, you can be sure to expect a bounty of epic photos and stories in the coming months!  🙂  Auf Wiedersehen!